HostAdi- About Us- Overview

Accelerate your business with HostAdi. Your Trusted Partner in Business

HostAdi is a web hosting platform which is operated by Satimata Agencies Pvt Ltd. it allows users to conceive an idea, develop a compelling brand and a great-looking website, market their product through digital and social channels, and manage their work from one place. We provide direct, one-on-one support with a human connection wherever a tool alone won't work.

Create Your Site On WordPress

We have a dedicated team of WordPress experts available to assist you whenever needed. Our development staff even dedicate engineers to working full-time on the WordPress CORE. You won't find anyone who knows WordPress as well as we do. HostAdi strives to be the number one provider of web solutions.

Our vision and mission

People can choose how their digital information is used on our open web platform, which supports their success.

Our DNA is based on open source

WordPress is a potent open-source content management system for the web, and we support it. With coding, community contributions, and high-calibre support, we contribute to the improvement of WordPress.

24/7 Live Support

Whenever you need help, you can reach out to our live chat support team.